Irish/Gaelic names

Many people must often have wondered why I give my dogs such strange names. Well, there are explanations to all of them and I will try to give you some of them here.

The reason for giving my dogs these Gaelic names is of course my great love for Ireland and it's culture. I find all the old tales fascinating.

My first pup ever to be born was "McCormac a stoir". Probably the strangest name of them all. But she meant something special and her name means "beloved". And she is beloved. She is enormously charming and jumps right into everyones hearts.
Then "Áine of South Munster" was born. A very happy little lady. And she still is today. "Áine" means "joy" and she is named after one of the old queens of South Munster.
My first male pup I named "Aidan of Lindisfarne". Aidan means "little fire".
Another wheaten bitch came and I named her "Aisling" which means "dream or vision".
Then there is "McCormac Irish Alannah". I chose to put Irish in the front because Alannah is spelled the Irish way. It means "O' child".
That was the "members" of the A-litter who came into this world on the 9th of July 1996.
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A-litter, from left; Áine of South Munster, Irish Alannah, Aidan of Lindisfarne, a stoir and Aisling.

Then on December the 24th 1998 the B-litter came. It was very tempting to give them Christmas names, but my love for Ireland conquered in the end...
The first pup was extremly lively. She screamed for milk right after she was born and crawled around to find her mother. That's why I immidiately knew her name. 
"McCormac Beatha Bahee". It means "life".
Then came "McCormac Beolagh O'Dalys". His name means "little foolish one" and was used among the O'Dalys.
"McCormac Bairbre" came... She was one of those pups who just eats and eats. Her name means "strange", but was also the name of an old saint.
And last but not least came "Broc". The ideal name for a Glen. It means "badger" which was the animal the Glen used to hunt.

The C-litter came into this world on the 27th of March 2001. A total of 6 puppies, 4 males and 2 bitches. So it's a good thing there are a lot of Gaelic names which begin with a C.
The first puppy was a big lovely strong wheaten male pup, who of course had to be called "Mccormac Cairbre of Gabhra", which means "strong man". A legendary Irish bearer of the name Cairbre once won a huge fight/war at the town of Gabhra.
Then another male pup arrived, this time a brindle one, who had a hard time getting out. He was turned the wrong way in the birth cannel. But he came out and I must admit I actually thought we had lost him, but suddenly he took a breath. A real little survivor and he got the name "McCormac Conall of Iniskeel" which means "strong as a wolf".
A brindle bitch came and she was named "McCormac Cáelainn of Connacht" which means "slender fair lady". A well knowned bearer of this name was from Connacht.
Another brindle male pup came into this world. "McCormac Caernach of Diarmait", which means "victorious, triumphant". Cearnach was son of the high-king Diarmait.
A small fine wheaten bitch puppy was born very quickly. She was named "McCormac Caintigern Cualann", which means "gentle lady". Caintigern was married to Cellach Cualann, king of Leinster.
Finally another male arrived, very dark blue with almost no brindle. When he was small he almost looked black and he was named "McCormac Ciarán of Clonsast", after an old saint. The name Ciarán means "dark, black". 

The 19th of August we had our 4th litter. This litter was not born at our place, but in stead at our puppy buyers place. Alison and Annette who are the owners of CH McCormac Bairbre. There were only two puppies and unfortunately the bitch died shortly after the birth. So there was one little male puppy left. Alison descriped him as being very brown, very brindle. So he got the name Donn, which means brown. After that name he is also called Leanbh Aonair, which means only child. So his full name "McCormac Donn Leanbh Aonair", meaning The brown only child.

Then it was McCormac Beatha Bahee's turn to have her first litter of puppies and this came into the world on May the 7th 2002. A total of 8 puppies, 3 males and 5 bitches, so I started studying gaelic names which started with an E.
The first puppy was a bitch and she got the name "McCormac Éireannach" which means "Irish woman or belonging to the Érainn, an old Irish tribe".
Then a big lovely female puppy came  and she got the name "McCormac Eascrach of Dunchad" which means "blooming. Eascrach was daughter of Dúnchad, an early Saint of North Leinster.
As the third puppy came the first little man. A lovely dark red puppy who got the name "McCormac Earc of Slane" which means "dark red". A bishop of Slane was named Earc.
Another dark red lady followed. A really powerful girl with lots of life. She was named "McCormac Ériu", the old ordinary name for Ireland, but also the name of a goddess.
Then came "McCormac Étain Echraide". A very beautiful and feminin puppy and her name is also the name of "one of Ireland's most beautiful girls". There are countless stories about the beautiful Étain who was turned into a fly and was then swollowed by a women who gave birth to the beautiful Étain once again.
Another little male puppy came into this world. And of course he was named "McCormac Éamonn". A classic Irish name, but also the name of his ancestor Knockroe Eamonn of Bilbo. Éamonn means "protection and comes from the expression "maide Éamuinn", a door-bar to keep rapparees out.
At this stage the night was not young anymore and the sunrise waited not amny hours away. Another little female puppy was born and she got the beautiful name "McCormac Éiri Na Gréine", which means sunrise.
And last but not least another little male puppy was born. The whelping went well for all of them, but of course Bahee was more experienced at this stage, so this one was even more easy. Therefore the puppy got the name "McCormac Eoghan Mór", which means "well-born". Besides taht it was the name of an ancestor of the early kings of Munster.

Eight little glen boys were whelped by a stoir on the 28th of April 2003. So the books really came into use this time. Eight names had to be found and all of them boys.
The first one was a blue brindle lad and he got the name "McCormac Fáilbhe Fland". It means "lively, sprightly" and the name of an early king of Munster.
Another little blue brindle pup came and he was the puppy who was a few days to gain weight, so he was the smallest one in the beginning. He was name "McCormac Fionntán of Clonenagh". It means "little fair one" and was the name of a sixth-century abbot of Clonenagh.
Yet another blue brindle pup. He was named "McCormac Fearchar Frassach" which means "friendly". Fearchar was son of the High-King Niall Frassach.
The first wheaten puppy came along. And of course he had to have the name "McCormac Flann Feórna". It means "bright red, blood red". Flann Feórna was king of Ciarraige.
Then came "McCormac Fionn mac Cumaill". He got that name because he had a white spot on the chest. Fionn means "bright white". Fionn mac Cumaill (Finn MacCool) is the famous hero of the Finn-tales.
Another wheaten puppy came. He was named "McCormac Fráech mac Fidaig". Fráech means "heather" which there is a lot of in Glen of Imaal. Fráech mac Fidaig was according to saga the most handsome man in all Ireland and Scotland.
The last wheaten puppy was born. A strong puppy who got the name "McCormac Fearghus mac Róich". It means "man-strenght". Fearghus mac Róich was one of the great Ulster warriors.
The last little blue brindle puppy was born. He was strong from the beginning. Growing fast. So he was a little wolf and got the name "McCormac Fáelán Find". It means "wolf". Fáelán Find was a saint.

On the 14th of July two nice glen puppies were born. The male puppy was a big and sturdy puppy. As there were only two puppies to drink all the milk, he soon became a real darling. He got the name "McCormac Groí Gadhar" which means big or strong dog.
The female puppy was a nice little girl and her start in this life was a miracle in it self. She got the beautiful name "McCormac Gleoite Gael", which means beautiful Irish woman.

From left: McCormac Gleoite Gael and McCormac Groí Gadhar

Another Christmas litter came into the world on the 25th of December 2004.
The letter H is in the Gaelic alphabet, but not as initial. I therefore skipped H and this litter became my I litter. McCormac Caintigern Cualann a.k.a. Mollie became a mother for the first time and she handled both whelping and puppies very well. She got 8 puppies, first 6 bitches and in the end two males.
The first bitch puppy was named "McCormac Iora Rua" which means "red squirrel".
After her came "McCormac Inghean Bhuidhe". It's the name of an Irish goddess for agriculture. She represents unselfishness and as creator of life.
The next puppy was a blue brindle bitch puppy. She was the biggest one from the beginning and was almost unsaturable. She demanded to get milk all the time. Every time she woke up, she started to scream, if her mother wasn't ready for her. Mollie soon learned it was just the thirsty puppy again. It was funny to see how she knew she didn't have to take this puppy so serious, but when the others made a sound she was there right away. The puppy therefore got the name "McCormac Íte of Déise". Íte means "thirst" and is the name of an Irish legend, who came from Déise in Waterford.
The next puppy was a wheaten girl. She was named "McCormac Ignis Fatuus". It's the name of the Irish goddess for weather. She is also known as Irish fog/mist or light goddess.
After the first four puppies Mollie took a break. A rather long break, so we had to help her a little to start again. Afterwards you do think she would probably have started by herself again. She just needed a break. The next puppy was therefore born in the car. She therefore was named "McCormac Immram". It means "rowing about". It was the name for the old fairytales about the travelling, which was done in the old Irish stories.
The last bitch puppy was born and was blue brindle. She got the name "McCormac Irnan of Conaran". Irnan is the Irish goddess for power. She was daughter of Conaran and sword warrior for Dé Danaan.
Now it was time for the first boy after the six girls. He was named "McCormac Iarla Gearoidh". It means Earl Gerald. He is an old legend who was known for being able to change shape. He is also known as the sleeping hero, who will wake up when there is trouble.
The last puppy was named "McCormac Iubdan". He was the king of the Leprecauns, the little Irish fairytale people in green dresses, who makes shoes.

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