Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier Links:


The Danish Terrier Club - Irish Glen Denmark - The breed's official web site

Kennel Bilbo's homepage - Danish Glen kennel, the first in Denmark.


Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier Sporting Club of Ireland

The Nederlands:

Nederlandse Vereniging voor de Irish Glen of Imaal Terriers - The Dutch Glen Club's homepage.

United Kingdom:

Bregorrey Glens - Brittish Glen site with some very good photos and results from shows.


Liberty's Page - American Glen kennel. Here are information about the breed and Ireland.

Powheiri Kennels - American glen site with pictures.

pawsforglens - American glen site

E-mail lists:

American Glen Mail-list - Join the list via this site. The list is not affiliated with any club or organization.

Dog releated links:

Dansk Kennel Klub

Dansk Terrier Klub - The Glen has it's own site, where you among other things can find a list with the breeders in Denmark

Zalazar Cairns - Cairn Terrier kennel located on Funen.

Nicla Scottish Terrier - Danish scottish Terrier kennel. Pictures and information about the breed.

Bullington Bull Terriers - Danish Bull Terrier Kennel.

Gaelic-Wheaten's Irish Softcoated Wheaten Terriers - Danish Kennel

Kennel Skyewalker & DK Staff - Danish Skye, Amstaff, Westie, Cairn, Staff Terrier Kennel

Z Roxburku Sun - Czech Dandie Dinmont Terrier Kennel. Former breeder of Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier

The animal's clinic - Visit my vet's homepage.

Usefull pages when you make your own homepage:

Lotte's web stuff - here you will find all of Lotte's very nice animations, backgrounds, bottoms and so on.

Barry's Clipart - Lots and lots of animations.

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