We had puppies on the 14th of July 2004

Groí and Gael the day before they left for their new homes...

McCormac Groí Gadhar and McCormac Gleoite Gael, 6½ weeks old

Groí, 6½ weeks old

McCormac Gleoite Gael, 6½ weeks old

McCormac Groí Gadhar, 4½ weeks old

At this photo the puppies are two and a half weeks old

Two little puppies enjoying life. They are eight days old at these photos.

Three days old and eating to grow big and strong

Bahee with her puppies, 24 hours old

This time we got two puppies, so it will be very different from the last two years with eight puppies in each litter. There is a male and a female and one of each colour.

To see photos of our past litters go to McCormac Glens 

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