Puppies arrived on the 28th of April 2003, when McCormac a stoir gave birth to 8 male puppies!

To see a presentation of each puppy go to McCormac Glens

The time has come for little journeys outside. It's nice when the wheater is good and the puppies love to run around. The wheaten puppy on the left is McCormac Fearghus mac Róich and the blue brindle is McCormac Fáelán Find. They are 5½ weeks old at the photo.

McCormac Fionntán of Clonenagh, 5½ weeks old

McCormac Fearghus mac Róich, 5½ weeks old

Here are the puppies 20 days old

Two of the puppies, a blue brindle and a wheaten, 15 days old

Look how nice this is

We are now 11 days old

Mother and puppies, 2 days after birth

Eating time... They are 2 days old at this photo

There are 8 of them, 3 wheatens and 5 blue/brindles. They are 1 week old at this photo

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