Placed as Best In Show Baby # 2 at The Danish Terrier Club's show in November 2006. Judge Terry Thorn, UK


It feels like a surreal and incomprehensible tragic night mare, but it is unfortunately far to real. Grace is drowned. Far far too young. It is an unbeliveable waste of life and it hurts so much to think of her death. She was a dog you couldn't do anything but love and she would do anything to please you.
Her only show in baby class indicated a very promissing show career. I was sad when Roberto picked her up in December 2006. At that time she looked like she would become the best glen I ever bred. But I found comfort in knowing that she would return and go to shows and have puppies. That fact of course makes her death even harder to accept. Such a little dog, so full of fun, who we had so many plans with.
Dearest little Grace, sweet dreams. We will always remember you and miss you more than words can describe.

6 months old

6 months old

Sire: DKCH McCormac Fáelán Find
Dam: UVV00 DKCH KLBCH SCH INTCH KBHV01 KBHV03 McCormac Beatha Bahee
Bitch, born 8th of June 2006
Brd by Christina Rune
Owned by Roberto Buccianti & Christina Rune

 © 2006-2007 Christina Rune