Christmas day the 25th of December 2004 McCormac Caintigern Cualann a.k.a. Mollie had a beautiful litter of puppies!
First six girls and then two boys. A total of eight puppies!
The puppies are registrered with me as breeder, but have lived with Mollie's owners the first period of their lives.

The puppies are eight weeks old at this photo

Two of the wheaten bitches, playing. Six weeks old.

The puppies are just adorable. I could easily show a photo a photo of each puppy here, but will wait until I have made a page for each puppy.
Here is one of the males, McCormac Iarla Gearoidh, six weeks old.

Puppies have really started to play. They are now 4½ weeks old

They have also started to eat more than just mother's milk

Sometimes we sit still and look very sweet

Ready to play....

The whole litter, three weeks old, with their first playmate.

The proud mother with her children, 1 day old

Can you count all eight puppies?

Taking a nice rest after eating.
The puppy is 5 days old

Mother and puppy taking a rest...

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